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Speech Therapy Tahlequah Residents Count On

When you are in search of dependable speech therapy Tahlequah residents turn to, Ramsey Therapy Group can be there for you and your family. We work towards providing multiple therapy services to rural communities that often lack these types of support outside of a school system. We know that speech therapy can be crucial for the development of the lives of children, and our business functions based on our values to help.

It is a common myth that speech therapy is only for children with speech disorders that affect pronunciation. However, it also helps to improve struggles with spoken and written language, including language and reading disorders, such as dyslexia. Some language difficulties can be a lifetime condition, so having the option of speech therapy in a more focused setting can make a great difference. These difficulties can stem from physical or psychological reasons, and treatment offered focuses on improving speech differently depending on the source.

We proudly provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy Tahlequah citizens and communities throughout Eastern Oklahoma can depend on. Our services can be covered by your insurance plan, and we offer a private reduced pay rate for things not covered. Our professional speech therapy will work with exercises that will help strengthen speech muscles and learn to shape and form sounds more correctly. Many times, speech development problems will create issues with self-esteem, anxiety, and the ability to relate to peers. Learning to communicate with others at an early age can be helped with quality speech therapy services.

Give us a call today to get started at one of our five locations in the Eastern Oklahoma area. We offer online speech therapy and in office speech therapy appointments.  We strive to give our patients daily relief and increased comfort by putting in the effort to make occupational, physical, and speech therapy professionals more available in this area.