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In Person vs. Digital Therapy: Which is Best for You?

Speech-language pathologist positions are expected to increase 29% from 2020 to 2030, outpacing projected average growth across all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Speech therapy continues to evolve and improve. Services that are available today may have been unimaginable just a few short years ago. Teletherapy speech therapy is one such example of how the industry is changing. If you’re wondering if teletherapy is a good choice for your child, continue reading.

Benefits of Teletherapy Speech Therapy

The main benefit of teletherapy is that there are fewer distractions. Children can be distracted very easily, and any treatment modality that limits these distractions is a wonderful choice. There’s also more privacy with at-home teletherapy as the child doesn’t have to be removed from class for treatment. This can help reduce the attention that is paid to the child’s speech issues. This option can also help children who are often absent from school. It’s also beneficial for parents who have a lot of obligations and time constraints.

Benefits of In-Person Speech Therapy

The main benefit of in-person speech therapy is the quickness with which trust can be built. Working with a therapist face-to-face makes it easier for many children to engage. Without this direct interaction, some children can find it difficult to connect in a meaningful and necessary way with their therapist. Working in person can also make it easier for the therapist to read any cues given by the child, and make any adjustments to their plan.

All children are different, and what works for one may not be a good fit for your child. It can be possible that both options are effective for many children. Making the decision between in-person and teletherapy speech therapy could be as simple as adapting to your child’s preference. Alternatively, if your child doesn’t show a strong preference, the decision can come down to convenience. The main point is that your child receives the help that they need. As long as the choice remains an effective one, there’s really no right or wrong answer.

Want to learn more about the advantages of teletherapy speech therapy? Our team can help you assess your child’s unique situation and work with you to find the right treatment type. Contact our team at Ramsey Therapy Group today. Let’s work together to determine which speech therapy option best meets your child’s needs.