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3 Reasons to Work in Speech Therapy

Do you love helping people? Are you looking for a career that provides competitive compensation and fulfilling work? Consider working in speech therapy as a speech pathologist or therapist. As a speech therapist, you help individuals who have difficulty speaking. Often these patients are children. According to the NIH, boys (ages three to 17) with a voice, speech, language, or swallowing disorder are more likely than girls to receive intervention services, at 59.4% and 47.8%, respectively. Not all patients are children though. There are many adults who require speech therapy because of illnesses, accidents, or a variety of other issues. Below are a few reasons why you should work in speech therapy.

1. Compensation and Opportunity for Work

Looking for a job that provides good income? Speech therapy should be on your list. Depending on experience and where you work, you can earn in the six figures as a speech therapist. Obviously, the more experienced you are, the more you will earn. Even beginning speech therapists make great money. There’s also plenty of opportunity. Schools, hospitals, government agencies, and more all need speech therapists. There are plenty of opportunities for those who are qualified.

2. Opportunity to Help Others

If you love helping other people, speech therapy can be very rewarding work. As a speech therapist, you’ll help others overcome their speech challenges. This could include children who have speech impediments or didn’t develop normal speaking skills. It could be adults who have suffered a stroke or some other medical emergency and need to relearn how to speak. It could be children or adults who have special needs and have trouble communicating. In any case, you will help a person learn to communicate more effectively, which will help them improve the quality of their life. Many speech therapists feel a great deal of satisfaction and personal reward for this type of work.

3. Quick Training

Most speech therapists have four-year degrees. However, if you’re considering a career change, you don’t necessarily need to do four years in college before you start working. Many colleges will accept your previous education and work experience as a credit to shorten your time in school. Also, some schools and governmental agencies will allow you to start working as a speech therapist before you finish your degree. They may even chip in to help pay for the cost. Depending on your experience, you could be working as a speech therapist in as little as a year.

These were just a few of the many reasons speech therapy is a great career. If you’re looking for more information on speech therapy or are looking for a trusted speech therapist, contact RamseyTherapy Group today.